the lives of people seeking change. Whether it be a child looking to develop better focus to perform better in school or a grown adult searching for some inner strength to get them through a rough work day, "CAP" will provide them with the tools they need to succeed! How is all this possible? It is through the beauty of the Sweet Science. 

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                                                                     boxing training, but also a life altering experience. With "CAP" one will learn to use the beauty of the sweet science to their advantage to learn mental and physical techniques to help them live a healthy life both mentally and physically. These fighters have a goal to become World Champion and it is the training they go through which provides them with the mental stability to succeed. We all have goals, whether it be to provide for our families, become an athlete or attain a certain professional position, the beauty of the Sweet Science craft will help prepare you for the battles you face along the way. "CAP" is our give back to the public using the secrets we've learned about the sport of pugilism to help make a change in 

So far, our journey in covering the sweet science has been a life changing experience . The  it has opened are countless and our goal has been to share the beauty behind the scenes with our audience through the touch of a pen and lens of a camera. We have witnessed the will and courage of these sweet science soliders and the battle they go through day in and day out to do what they love. Boxing does not only provide benefit to those who compete professionally, but changes the lives of individuals day in and day out. Warriors like Ian Cannon have shown that the sweet science of boxing can internally better a person both mentally and physically. It is this which we have found to be the ultimate beauty behind the sweet science. Our goal is to bring what we have learned to YOU through an opportunity called "CAP", The Collegiate Academy of Boxing. "CAP" will not just serve as a fitness or